Support Django in Denmark!

DjangoCPH is a non-profit event and organisation where your contributions will allow us make the event happen. We have made the event as affordable and accessible as possible for everyone (Also you as a sponsors, see below!).

The conference is volunteer-driven. Every øre of your sponsorship money will go towards conference expenses.

Sponsorship is a way to give back

The open source community of Copenhagen survives on the good-will of its members. If you operate a business that profits in any way from Django, sponsoring community events is a way to say “thanks”. By supporting the community who builds and supports the software you use, you help ensure its happiness, health, and productivity.

Why should we sponsor?

There is no better to recruit Django developers in Denmark

If you’re looking for Django developers in Denmark, look no further! DjangoCPH con is to be the most important conference for Django developers in Scandinavia. There are people visiting from all corners of the country as well as our neighbour countries. Sponsorship will put you directly in front of your candidates.

DjangoCPH is an excellent marketing tool

Do you have a product or service that Django developers would love? A booth at DjangoCPH con will give you the opportunity to meet, demo and get feedback from those customers them selves!

What's included?

We have decided to make the sponsorship structure as simple as possible and made a single sponsor package with limited slots. The package is valued (minimum) 2500 DKK and includes all the following:


If you are interested in supporting or have questions please don't hesitate contacting Emil Kjer on:
E-mail emil@kjer.info OR
phone +45 42929666 OR
via below form